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SIPTA School 2024

12–16 August 2024
Ghent, Belgium

Welcome to the website of the biennial SIPTA school organised by members of the SIPTA community, where SIPTA stands for the Society for Imprecise Probabilities: Theories and Applications. It is the strong conviction of this community that there is more to uncertainty than probabilities. There is much more, in fact. Would you like to use probabilities but don’t know their exact values? Or would you like to model (decision-making under) uncertainty without any probabilities at all? Know then that there are numerous mathematical models that can deal with uncertainty without the need for sharp numerical probabilities; these models all fall under the umbrella of the theory of imprecise probabilities.

Following tradition, this school lasts 5 days, from Monday 12 to Friday 16 August 2024, and provides all who are interested in the theory of imprecise probabilities with the opportunity to get introduced to the basics of various topics in this theory, both theoretical and applied to different disciplines, by leading experts in the field.

Organising committee #

Co-organisers: Alexander Erreygers & Floris Persiau
Advisory members: Gert de Cooman, Bernard De Baets & Keivan Shariatmadar

Contact #

If you have any questions about the summer school, any remarks on our website, or any other thoughts related to this summer school that you deem interesting, then you can always contact the organisers by sending a mail to

Sponsors #

We thank the following four sponsors for their generous support.